12V 40W Heating Tube 6*20mm Heating Element with Plug Connector



We design these optimized version heater to meet the requirement of the market, especially for the 3D printer manufacturers’. With these optimized heater, it’s easy and convenient to replace the heater if they are not work. The connector wiring are stable.


3D Printer Heating Element with Plug Connector Simple Replace

Specification: 12V 40W

Size: 6*20 mm

Cable length: 2M

Material: stainless steel

Heating element Features: fast heating

Instructions for use:

Heating element must be kept efficient drying techniques make use of imported nickel-chromium wire internal use 2080 outside of the element to ensure the best real materials in order to achieve maximum service life.

Heating element joints should be placed outside of the insulation layer and the heating chamber, shall not exceed the rated working voltage is worth 10% of the shell should be effectively grounded.

Heating element working environment temperature less than 95% non-explosive, corrosive gases.

Heating element should be stored in a dry place, not damp.



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