24V Heatbed (310*310 cm)



Size: 310 * 310 cm 24V Heating line, temperature line length: 3 meters 310X310-24V-160W thin film heater technical parameters 1, film heater parameters:

(1) GX-310X310-24V-160W thin film heater using DC power supply, single-chip partial pressure 24V, single chip power of 160W ± 5%, the heating plate at room temperature (25 ℃) single rated resistance of 3.6Ω, fluctuations Less than ± 5%, range 3.42-3.78Ω.

(2) The starting current of 310X310-24V-160W film heater does not exceed 120% of the steady-state operating current at the corresponding temperature.

(3) 310X310-24V-160W film heater surface temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ 120

(4) Lead Type: UL3135 18AWG

(5) wire length: 3000MM

(6) Working environment: 5% ~ 95%

(7) 3M9888T double-sided adhesive paste on the back of the heater 2, safety standards:

(1) The insulation resistance between the power supply lead and the heating plate surface is greater than 10 megohm.

(2) There is sufficient pressure resistance between the power outlet and the surface of the heating plate. Apply 2500V DC to the surface of the power cable and the heating plate Voltage, duration of 1min, no breakdown.

(3) The surface of the heating plate material flame retardant grade in line with UL94 V0 requirements.

* For all customisation must with min of 5 pcs & above

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