3D Design & Printing for Kids!




Differentiated Learning

  • Basic Skills: Basic skills are used to get a fundamental base skills for all students. These tutorials focus on the creation on the same object to demonstrate understanding of technical execution. Educators can use this pathway to ensure total class comprehension.
  • Project-Based Lessons: Project-based lessons allow for differentiated instruction in more advanced techniques. There are a variety of projects that inspire interest, so students can progress by creating a project that suits their specific interest.
  • Quick Video Tutorials: Short videos intended to refresh student learning and offer tips and tricks for ease of use and access.

TinkerCAD Learning Center & the SAMR Model

  • Substitution: Step-by-step instruction and accuracy recognition through online tutorials rather than human instructor
  • Augmentation: Students can track the history of their lesson and go back to previous steps for refreshers. Teacher tracking of student progress through class creation.
  • Modification: Students are able to have a final product after the tutorial that can be added to and customized by others in the Tinkercad community? Students can share their designs with others and collaborate on lessons.
  • Redefinition: Students can print their learning projects with a 3D printer in order to have a tangible object that represents their design

Curriculum Implementation

Math: Have elementary students print a range of numbers for tactile movement around a table, making different combinations of numbers to add and subtract to pair with the correct answer.

Science: Students can create models of vascular systems for print, connecting syringes or pumps to the system to see how blood is pumped through the human body.

History: Students can take existing data of collapsing ancient structures and rebuild them to what they would have looked like centuries ago.

English: Students create models of various characters in their favorite books, using descriptions from the novels.

This is a kids class suitable for kids between 7-15 years old and all kids will be entitle a 3D Pen!

Time duration: 8 hours

For suitable class date do email us eve@ev3dm.com


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