3D Processing with Intermediate Design


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 3D Intermediate Course

Bring your 3D models to life by integrating electronic engineering! This course builds on students’ prior knowledge of 3D printing, modeling and design. By teaching basic engineering concepts, students will take their skills to the next level and design innovative, multi-part 3D products.


Overview and Demonstration in 3D Modeling Printing
Basic a. Popular tools used for 3D modeling (Fusion 360)
b. What is 3D printing? (Its history and the future)
c. Basic components of 3D printer (Hardware, printing materials and software)
d. Build your own or buy the 3D printer
e. 3D printing demonstration (create Your Own Creation to bring home)
Setting Wireless Slicing and 3D Printing Technology  
Intermediate a. Setting up Octo-print
b. Wiring & Connection
c. Building up your own web server for your monitor via cell-phone
d. Setting up Slicer in your Octoprint
e. Calibration of best retract setting for your printer & How to calibrate filament temperature for your machine


• Learn what it and future proof yourself by enlarging job opportunities.

• Understand why with 3D printing, the sky is the limit.

• Learn how to model and turn your imagination into reality.

• Learn how to make real-life 3D physical objects.

• Learn how to find remade models or design your own.


Hands-on with

a. 1 x Quality Industry 3D Printer

b. 1 x Octoprint set (Raspberry Pi), Pi Cam, Charger and etc


Course Duration 15 Hours (2 Days) (excluding lunch time)


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1 April 2021, 1 May 2021, 1 June 2021


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