MKS 42 Stepper Motor (Tronxy Motor)



Product Description:

42 stepper motor MKS 4248-450 3d printer 1A 48mm Length 1.8 degree 0.45N

1 considering the mainstream 3 d printing drive A4988 A4982 DRV8825 drive current should not be more than 1 A (1 A temperature of about 60 degrees, more than 1.5 A likely overheating protection or burning), rated current 1 A choice. Relative to the rated current market 1.2, 1.5, 1.7 A motor, even more suitable for 3 d printers.

2. Thanks to the manufacturer’s production level, in the same circumstances, slightly lower noise than ordinary stepper motor.

3. The rated power flow, the motor temperature is lower than 50 degrees (actual measure under the condition of room temperature is 19 degrees, MKS 42, 4234-290 degrees, MKS 39, 4240-400 degrees, MKS 37 degrees, 4248-450).

For all overseas customer please email me the item you want and i will send you the official paypal invoice with the shipping cost. Normal shipping with tracking number is USD 3-10 dollar depend on the weight of item!

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