45 New Sensors and Modules Arduino


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The kit comes with an interesting collection of modules like 18b20 temperature sensor module, finger-pulse sensor module, relay module, tracking sensor module and much more. Check all the 45 modules below:

  • Arduino PS2 Joystick game controller module
  • Infrared sensor receiver module
  • Laser head sensor module
  • Temperature and humidity sensor module
  • Infrared emission sensor module
  • 5V relay module
  • Smart car avoid obstacle sensor infrared sensor photoelectric switch
  • ARDUINO finger detect heartbeat module
  • Microphone sensitivity sensor module
  • Metal touch sensor module
  • Flame sensor module
  • 3-color LED module
  • Hunt sensor module
  • Linear magnetic Hall sensors
  • Rotary encoder modules
  • Active buzzer module
  • Magic Light Cup modules
  • Small passive buzzer module
  • Digital temperature sensor module
  • Optical breaking module
  • Temperature sensor module
  • Bicolor LED common cathode module 3MM
  • Mercury opening module
  • Hall magnetic sensor module
  • RGB LED SMD module
  • Arduino Mini Reed module
  • Tilt switch module
  • Automatically flashing LED module
  • Key switch module
  • Photoresistor module
  • Vibration switch module
  • ARDUINO hit sensor module
  • Temperature sensor module
  • Analogy Holzer magnetic sensor
  • Microphone sound sensor module
  • Large reed module
  • Two-color LED module
  • Breadboard power module
  • Ultrasonic module
  • MP1584EN buck module
  • SD card reader module
  • Gyro Module
  • Soil module
  • DS1302 clock module
  • Water level module


Motherboard Included:

1 X Arduino Nano Replica with USB Cable

1 X Arduino Uno Replica with USB Cable

1 X Arduino Program CD with coding match with sensors and Arduino Uno/ Nano Board

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Replica Uno

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