Arduino Kickstarter with Android Controller


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Arduino Kickstarter

Day 1

Module 1: Introduction to Arduino

  • What is Arduino
  • History of Arduino
  • Arduino Boards
  • Arduino Uno
  • Setting Up Arduino IDE
  • Your First Arduino Project

Module 2: Arduino Programming

  • Components & Ohm’s Law
  • pinMode
  • digitalWrite
  • analogWrite
  • Serial Communication
  • digitalRead
  • analogRead & Map
  • Challenge 1: Digital Read/Write
  • Challenge 2: Analog Read/Write
  • tone
  • Module 3:  Project
  • Understanding Important of Arduino Standard Libraries & ways of download

Servo Movement control using Serial monitor


Android Controller

Day 2

This quick introduction shows you what you need to make Android apps for Arduino with MIT App Inventor 2.

Why MIT App Inventor 2?MIT App Inventor 2 is a simple and intuitive free service for creating Android applications. You don’t have to be an expert in programming or design for building awesome apps that can do useful stuff.

Creating the design is as easy as selecting and placing widgets in the smartphone screen. The coding is done with drag and drop puzzle blocks.Anyone can learn how to build their own apps with MIT App Inventor 2 with a few hours of practice.

Course Introduction

Module 1: LED Controller

Module 2: Login Protection LED Controller

Module 3: LED Slider

Module 4: RGB Led Control

Module 5: Servo Controller

Module 6: Display Messages

Module 7: Arduino Robot Control


Course Duration: 2 days, 8 Hours per day (min of 2 person to start class)

Course fees stated is as per person fees

Please take notes this course is suitable for android user.

All student will be able to bring back Kit set that use for this course!

  • Please take notes for Skill Future application do email us and we will guide you on the application, our email address:



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20 & 21 June 2020


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