Bluer PLUS TWO TREE 3D PRINTER (Lit or Assembly set only) 2021 Version





Warranty: By Us for 1 year in Singapore Locally!

Thermal runaway is a very scary possibility, we have thermal runaway protection activated by default.

What’s Thermal Protection?
thermal runaway protection aborts a print when there’s something fishy about the thermistor’s readings.

thermal runaway protection in your 3D printer’s firmware is vital for lowering the risk of fires, damage to your printer, and damage to the surrounding area while printing.

How to test your printer to have thermal Protection?
Unscrew the thermistor wire from the heat block using the screwdriver.
Carefully remove the thermistor wires with the tweezers from the heat block and let the thermistor hang in the open air, not touching the heat block.
Set your printer to your standard printing temperatures or 185 °C for the hot end.
Wait about one minute. You should see a thermal runaway error pop up on your printer’s display screen, and all heating should stop.
If your machine purchase from us, didn’t have thermal protection activated please email us

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