Borosilicate glass plate (214 x 200 X 5mm)


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The ideal surface for 3D printing, borosilicate glass can be rapidly heated and cooled. Borosilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock as well as thermal expansion. (214 mm x 200 mm X 5mm)

A piece Borosilicate glass meant for use on the bed of a 3D printer. Its thermal properties make it useful for printing ABS and PLA, especially in conjunction with a heated bed. With ABS we recommended adding some Kapton tape and when printing in PLA we recommended adding blue painter’s tape on certain surface, other than that just plain wipe with acetone.

Specifications are as follows:

Material: Low Expansion Borosilicate Glass

Size: 214mm (+/-1.0MM) x 200mm (+/-1.0MM)

Thickness: 5 mm

Edges: Ground with machined beveled

Temperature rating = 500 degrees F (260 C) for maximum continuous operation


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