Design an app using block programming



Module 1:  Introduction to App Inventor

  • Overview – Course & Tools
  • Introduction to App Inventor interface and features
  • Connecting your device and previewing your app
  • App Inventor Layout tools
  • Activity: Design a simple calculator app


Module 2:  Fundamentals of App Logic

  • Introduction to the blocks view
  • Fundamentals of event-driven logic
  • Addressing GUI elements from logic
  • Activity: Adding logic to your calculator app


Module 3:  Device Specific Features

  • The App Inventor Canvas
  • Activity: Building a drawing app
  • Using the camera
  • Activity: Adding a photo to the canvas
  • Using the accelerometer
  • Activity: Using gestures to clear the canvas


Module 4:  Intermediate Logic and Storage

  • Variables
  • If-statements
  • Procedures
  • Activity: Building a state-based game
  • The App Inventor Timer object
  • Persistent storage with TinyDB
  • Activity: Storing persistent high scores


Module 5:  Media & Accessibility

  • Adding images
  • Adding media
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Text-To-Speech
  • Voice Recognition
  • Online Translation


Bonus Module: how to create APK to be use in Android phone!

Course Objective: For anyone wanted to start apps creation & create your own apps without the help of expensive apps creator.

Class Duration: 9 Hours

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