Diamond Nano Pro-PLA Series




The Strongest PLA, Smooth, Easy Print!

Nano-diamonds are spherical and act as lubricant in the filament extrusion, causing no increase in nozzle wear. The enhanced thermal conductivity of the material enables printing speed up to 500mm/s. The diamond particles also reinforce the polymer structure, improving the stiffness, strength and adhesion between printed layers. The filament is suitable for consumer-grade and professional FDM/FFF 3D printers. Combination of stiffness, strength, wear resistance and unique thermal features make it the #1 PLA for functional mechanical prints.

Why Diamonds?

  1. Work on all FDM Machine without require
  2. No causing nozzle wear
  3. Low Fiction wear resistant parts
  4. Prints faster n more reliable
  5. Improve layer Adhesion
  6. Push your printer to the Limit


  • Nozzle temperature 205°C – 250°C (depending on speed)
  • Printing speed 50-500 mm/sec
  • Bed temperature 0°C – 60°C
  • Stiffness (Young’s modulus) 6500MPa
  • Strength (Tensile Strength) 45MPa
  • Heat Deflection Temperature 95°C

*Stock arrive on 10 Aug 2020

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Blue, Red, Black, Purple, Silver


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