Elite PVA Dissolvable 3D Filament


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Elite PVA Filament is a water soluble (easily dissolved) material, perfect for use as a support structure.

      • Recommended for use as support structure material
      • Dissolves away from primary print in just warm water
      • From the EV3DM Elite line of professional grade filament
    • Water soluble (easily dissolved) material, perfect for use as a support structure. The importance of this relates to its implementation as a print support material for dual nozzle / dual extrusion printers. For objects that might otherwise be considered “impossible” to print as either a single piece, or to print at all. Elite PVA can function as the support material that makes printing these objects possible. In cases where an object has overhanging structures, complex & intricate horizontal extrusions, or similarly challenging details – PVA filament can be used to fill in the empty space, providing vertical support to components of a print that would otherwise need to be “floating” in midair.
    • Once the print is complete, the Elite PVA filament can be separated from the primary material (ABS, etc), removing the support material & leaving behind only the desired, completed object. The PVA support filament can be easily dissolved in a bath of warm water, cleaning your primary object without damaging it. This ensures complete removal of the PVA material, and allows for novel uses – e.g. printing objects inside of other objects, or partially attached but freely moving from one another. Think in terms of a gear mechanism with multiple moving parts that interact with one another, or sealed ball bearings – created in a single print. This greatly increases the range of what’s possible with your 3D printer, opening up the doors to new innovation and functionality.
  • PVA Filament is an alternative to HIPS Filament another popular material used as support material. Whereas HIPS requires an orange based chemical solvent known as Limonene to dissolve, PVA Filament is easily dissolved in warm water. However, PVA can be more tricky to print with – high temperatures must be avoided, to ensure that the material doesn’t break down.

Weight: 500G

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