Green Poly Tape (GT215) 400°F (PET Tape)



Green plastic, composed of polyester film and silicon rubber, is a kind of tape used in the bonding of printed circuit boards and films. It not only meets the needs of PCB manufacturers when plating gold fingers, even in various films. When the synthetic film and paper are joined, the user’s needs can also be met. It is suitable for the protection of PCB electroplating gold; the bonding of various types of film, synthetic leather and paper; good heat resistance; no degumming; even the different storage environments can be evenly torn. Product characteristics: Apply a good adhesion to silica gel on a smooth PET film, with high temperature resistance (200 °C resistance) and insulation. Available in thicknesses of 0.06 mm and 0.08 mm for powder coating masking and LED digital tube potting.

Polyester green tape: high temperature resistance 200° C, withstand voltage, solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent acid and alkali resistance, good adhesion; no residue, no discolouration. PCB board plating gold finger protection and insulation use; UL and SGS approved.

Product introduction: The name PET green tape, also known as spray tape, is based on PET polyester film and coated with imported organic silica gel.

1. With high temperature resistance, adhesion, solvent resistance

2. Use: powder coating, high temperature shielding, gold plating protection. Professional for the circuit board impregnation process, covering the gold finger parts, preventing the plating solution from immersing and contaminating, protecting the circuit board plating,

Ultra-high temperature paint and powder coating industries


1.) 120mm *33meter

2.) 150mm * 33meter



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