HT100 Heat-resistant High Temperature Resistance Resin For Jewelry 3d UV Resin Liquid For Elegoo Anycubic Resin 3d Printer Resin


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▌ Characteristics

1. Long-term heat resistance, and can withstand certain pressure

2.Long-term boiling resistance

HT100 resin prints will not become brittle, cracked or soft if they are placed in 100℃/212℉ water for hours

3. High bending and tensile strength

▌ Application

1. Silicone rubber mold

The HT100 resin prints can withstand temperatures up to 320°F and the pressure generated during vulcanization.

2. Carbon fiber mold

HT100 resin prints are used as a mold for making carbon fiber parts, and can withstand pressure and high temperature for 3 hours in an environment of 120°C/248°F

3. For making tools for small run injection molding

4. Heat-resistant electronic equipment parts or circuit components

5. Items to be metallized,or tested for high temperature gas and liquid applications

6.Some tests in outdoor environment

Materials Safety Data Sheet HT100-MSDS


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