KY-002 Vibration Switch Module Vibration Sensor SW-18015P For Arduino.



KY-002 Module

1. This switch is OFF in the resting state, when the external force to touch and to achieve a proper vibration, meet the appropriate speed or from the
(partial) heart, conductive pin will momentarily conduction (ON) status, make changes in electric property, and disappear when the external force electric
property open (OFF) state is restored.
2. Omnidirectional, any Angle can trigger job.
3. This switch is suitable for small current trigger circuit.
4. Component Model: SW-18015P.
5. The Highest Voltage: 12 V.
6. Rated Thermal Current: 20mA.
7. Working Temperature: 100 ℃.
Package Included:
1Pcs KEYES KY-002 Vibration Switch Module Vibration Sensor SW-18015P For Arduino.
int led = 13 ;// define LED Interface
int shock = 10; // define the vibration sensor interface
int val; // define numeric variables val
void setup() {
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT) ; // define LED as output interface
  pinMode(shock, INPUT) ; // output interface defines vibration sensor

void loop() {
  val = digitalRead(shock) ; // read digital interface is assigned a value of 3 val
  if (val == HIGH) { // When the shock sensor detects a signal, LED flashes
    digitalWrite(led, LOW);
  } else {
    digitalWrite(led, HIGH);


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