KY-019 5V Relay Module for Arduino



The new 5V Relay Module
Can be used as microcontroller development board module can be used as home
appliance control
5 V-12V to TTL control signal
The control signal DC or AC, 220V AC load can be controlled.
There is a normally open and one normally closed contact
A power indicator light
A control indicator, pull off, disconnect does not shine
Transistor drive to increase the relay coil control pins high impedance.
The control pin has a pull-down circuit to prevent malfunction relay vacant
Equipped with fixed screw holes, easy to install,
Size 1.8cm*4.0cm*1.9cm
Package included:
1 * KY-019 One Channel Relay Module
Example Code:
  1. 5V relay
  2. can be use for MCU
  3. TTL control signal is 5V-12V
  4. It can control AC or DC.can connect to 220VAC loader
  5. one OP and one ON
  6. power apply indicator
  7. control indicator
  • Arduino digital pin 10 –> module pin S
  • Arduino GND –> module pin –
  • Arduino +5V –> module pin +
//KY019 5V relay module
int relay = 10; // relay turns trigger signal - active high;
void setup() {
  pinMode(relay, OUTPUT); // Define port attribute is output;

void loop() {
  digitalWrite(relay, HIGH); // relay conduction;
  digitalWrite(relay, LOW); // relay switch is turned off;


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