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Arduino was originally designed for students who did not write programs and did not understand electronics and had any technical background. They were students of the Ivrea Interactive Design Institute (Ivrea) in northern Italy. Massimo Banzi, one of the co-developers of the Arduino program, once mentioned in the “Make the future with Arduino, by People beyond the megahertz” that  gave these students 2 to 4 weeks of time to make them produce physical computing items, when the commercially available tools were almost Are for the engineer, so whether it is accessories or jumper, the number of joints are many. This for students, it seems too complicated, so that students do not know how to deal with. “In order to solve these problems, in 2005 The birth is Arduino! Arduino Uno is the control board used in this book, then using Makeblock’s Me-Baseboard control board, is also based on Arduino Uno and the establishment of a board, the RJ25 port has many feet, all with Arduino Uno, in writing this book At the same time, the latest Arduino Uno version of Revision 3, which is commonly known as Arduino Uno R3, if the original production of the control panel, the back can see UNO R3 words, as shown in Figure 1.3 red arrows.


 2005 design Arduino Board




Module 1: Introduction Mblock

  • Basic Introduction


Module 2: Introduce Function of Mblock

– Function

– Basic Programming


Module 3: How to Use Arduino with Scratch


  • What’s the good point of using Mblock


  • What can mblock do to connect to Arduino
  • Creating your very first Led Lamp with Mblock and arduino


Module 4: Let’s Start Programming with Mblock Rover or dancing robots.


  • Programming introduction


  • Moving Rover


Module 5: Let’s create a Controller with Scratch Programming & convert to an android apps!


Training Period: 8 Hours (Excluding 1 hours of lunch time)

Time: 9am to 6pm

  • Student will be able to bring back Arduino Robot set for free.

Course fees stated is as per person fees


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27 June 2020


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