MKS 2560 ramps1.4 4 piece 8825



Product Name: reprap 3d printer full circuit MKS 2560 ramps1.4 4 8825 step drive

Weight: 200g

Send 50cm USB cable
1, USB to serial chip using FT232 instead of ATMEGA16U2, better compatibility, to solve a lot of host can not identify the problem of 2560 driver.

     2, the use of imported high-performance ON Semiconductor 1117 LDO power chip, greatly improving the stability and reduce the 12V input voltage 1117 chip burned risk, most of the market 2560 are made using domestic chips, it is easy to burn.

     3, increase the recovery of fuses, even if the ramps short circuit installation, but also to protect the safety MKS2560, general Arduino 2560 no protection circuit, will be burned when short circuit.

     4, PCB wiring for 1117 chip cooling made a special design, better thermal performance.

*please take notes for all mega max 20AMP.

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