PCL 200G mix filament (6-8Colors)



Our PCL (Polycaprolactone) 3D filament is a very unique material that can well suited for many unusual applications.

PCL is also a safe & biodegradable plastic!

The main feature of PCL is that it has a very low melting temperature compared to usual 3D printing materials such as PLA, ABS etc.

Main Features of our PCL filament:

  • PCL has a melting temperature of only 58°C ~ 60°C.
  • It can be 3D printed at much lower and safer temperatures (70°C to 140°C) and does not require a heated bed.
  • Objects can be re-shaped after printing to fit specific application by simply softening it in warm 60°C water (Example: re-shaping a river to fit through a whole).
  • Once cooled, PCL is a very tough and impact resistant plastic.
  • PCL has a glass transition temperature of -60°C which makes it tough, flexible and durable.
  • Can be easily colors
  • Great inter-layer adhesion


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