3D Printing Drawing Pen Low Temperature Modeling PCL Filament Arts Printer




1. The power port is the USB port, greatly reducing the requests of the places and situations when drawing, using the plug,the power bank, PC and other power devices with USB port, all can operate E4

2. The body of the pen is small and delicate, lightweight and easy to carry, long using without tiring

3. Attached the base to put the E4 pen elegantly and conveniently, and the base is also high temperature resistant, impact resistant, anti-broken, stable and convenient to use

4. Convenient to disassemble, rotating the head and the tail of the pen to open, conveniently to clear up the inner residual consumables

5. Adopting the high-standard motor,with equipping the excellent stability and high-strength reduction gears,pursing the usability, greatly

reducing the noises when drawing


1. The printing speed and temperature are adjustable:

Fast: 100℃, Mid: 90℃, Low: 80℃

2. Smart control, non-professional person can operate it

3. Rotatory nozzle and pen tail

4. Double click two modes discharge material and one-key constantly return material

5. Can be used as a low temperature printing pen (70-90℃), tip temperature is 10℃, safe for children under adult’s guide

6. With the high temperature resistant pen cape

7. The extrude models: Dual extruder/Single extruder

8. External shape is ABS material

9. With base

10. With gift box package

Tech Specs

Nozzle Diameter: 0.6mm

Printing speed/Temperature: Adjustable

Printing Area: Unlimited

Working voltage : 5V 2A (USB Cable)

Suitable Consumables: PCL

Product Certifications: CE, ROSH, FCC, EN71

Printing Consumable Temperature of PCL Model: 80-100 degree

Weight of the pen: 52g

Colorful box size: 18.6×14.5×5.3c


1. Product No.: E4

2. Size: 175*18*18mm

3. Weight: 55g

4. Shell material: ABS

5. Package size: 18*14*5cm

6. Package weight: 380g

7. Nozzle diameter: 0.6mm

8. Voltage: 5V 2A

9. Screen: None

10. Printing material: PCL 1.75mm

11. Packing list: 3D PEN/Manual/USB cable/9m filament/Pen base

12. Applicable device: Power bank/computer/game device…(reached 2A)

13. Color: Green, pink, blue

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