Upgrade Magentic Spring Steel Print Bed applied PEI Build Plate+Sticker for 3D Printer parts




  • Never warp& Never rust.
  • Easy to get the first layer even for a new user
  • Flexible, Removable, stick to magnets very well
  • Suits variety of filaments, especially for PLA
  • Free clean- just flex the plate a little then take the prints off after cooled
  • Fast heater performance, less waiting time after printing.
  • A lifetime 3D printer bed



  • 100% real Ultem1000( PEI)amber color, matte surface.-0.125mm thickness – Made in Europe
  • This spring steel sheet is flat, flexible, stainless stick to magnets very well. 0.5mm or 0.4mm thickness
  • PEI is 3m tape pre-applied, free bubbles.

Temperature max: 120 degree Celsius

Additional information


220*220mm, 255*255mm, 310*310mm, 235*235, 300*300mm


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