Programming Particle Photon with Arduino IDE




Particle’s Photon Development Board is an awesomely powerful platform for projects that require WiFi and Internet-connectivity. Whether you’re creating the next, great, IoT project, or just want an easy to use, over-the-air-programmable ARM Cortext M3 development board, the Photon is an excellent foundation.


The team have made getting started with Particle as easy as possible by using the same style of coding abstraction as the Arduino platform. You can still control I/O pins using digitalWrite, analogRead, and other familiar functions. However whilst the Arduino IDE is based on the C programming language, the Particle IDE uses the C++ programming language which, whilst quite compatible with most C code, has its differences.

Module 1Getting Started with ESP32+

Module 2Exploring ESP32 GPIO Pins+

Module 3ESP32 Deep Sleep Mode+

Module 4ESP32 Web Server+

Module 5ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy+

Module 6ESP32 LoRa+

Module 7ESP32 Wi-Fi Multisensor+

Module 8ESP32 – Wi-Fi Car Robot+


Course Training 2 days, 8 hours (min of 2 person to start class)

Course fees stated is as per person fees


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