Rover Start-up for kids




Wanted to start learn coding and understand the basic of simple c programming and block coding, here is the class!


Module 1. Basic Robotics Concepts

  • What is a Robot?
  • What is Arduino?
  • Going through robotics car parts
  • Assemble your first robotic car!

Module 2. Basic Coding for Robotics

  • What is coding and what can coding do?
  • Basic Scratch Coding
  • Control your robotics car with Scratch programming

Module 3. Robotics Car Racing Competiion

  • Explain the robotic car race competition
  • Practice session
  • Start the race! 
  • Who is the winner

End of the class student will be able to bring home own Rover!

Time: 8 hours

Please email for specify date for class!



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