SUNON KDE2404PFVX 12V /MF40102VX-Q00U-A9D24V 1.9W 4010 4CM


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The original SUNON KDE2404PFVX 4010 12V/24V 1.9W 4cm computer fan quiet power inverter
Brand: SUNON built

Type: KDE2404PFVX (12V)

MF40102VX-Q00U-A9D (24V)

Rated voltage: DC12V/24V
12V input Power: 1.2-1.5W
24V Input power: 1.44W
Fan dimension:40 X 40 X 10mm
Connection: red black
Interface: 2 lines
Line length: 15CM right left service life: 8 hours (25 C, 45 ~ 85% relative humidity)
Stock be back on third week of May 2020

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12V, 24V


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