Thermo-sensitive Series (PLA)




A relatively new entrant in the 3D printing filament space, Offering some unique filament types, including these filaments that change colors from the heat of your hand. Great for making a unique mobile phone case or other items that will come into contact with a heat source.

All of Ev’s products are made from 99% virgin plastic, resulting in high quality prints and fewer nozzle clogs. The color-changing filaments are available in both PLA the following varieties:

  • Green to Yellow
  • Purple to Pink
  • Blue to Purple


  • Color Changing
  • Extruder 200C-220C
  • Heated Bed 0 degree (none Air-Condition environment)
  • Professionally Extruded with +/- .05mm Diameter Tolerance


New Filament Arrival 02 Nov 2018 & purchase above SGD99 free Delivery (Singapore only)

Discount Period End 15 Nov 2018

Discount Coupon Code 15% = Discount15%

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Blue to Purple, Purple to Pink, Green to Yellow


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