Tronxy Ultrabot (Mono version) 2021


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1. Brand new TRONXY® Ultrabot 2K LCD light-Curing 3D Printer
2. Support off-line print, you can forget about connection problems
3. With 120*67*180mm build volume
4. Easy to use


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Print Parameter
Operate system TRONXY
Display 3.5inch touch screen
Print size 120*67*180mm
Print thickness 0.01-0.1mm
Print theory UV curing molding technology
Print speed 20mm/s
XY dpi  X/Y -0.047mm (1080P, 2K)
Z accuracy 0.0025mm
Print materials Photosensitive resin (405nm)
Software Parameter
Slicer software TRONXY
Input format STL,OBJ
Output format cbddlp
Connection Thumb drive
Machine Parameter
Machine size 200*200*410mm
Packing size 280*280*545mm
Machine weight ≈7.25kg
Packing weight ≈8.5kg

Package included:

1 x TRONXY® Ultrabot 3D Printer



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