2018 (New) Tungsten premium nozzle (0.4/0.6mm) E3D/MK10 M6 Thread

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Pure tungsten is an extremely hard and dense metal. Its density of 19,25 g/cm3 is almost similar to gold (19,32 g/cm3) and its hardness of 8 to 8.5 Mohs resists even strong acids or extremely abrasive materials like titan oxide (white) filament, copper filament or carbon fiber filament.

Generally used in the plastics industry and for aero space applications, our nozzle helps you to achieve the best and most stable 3D Printing calibration results.

The whole nozzle is made of tungsten! We don’t use tungsten nozzle tips which are glued or pushed into a brass or steel nozzle body! Get the full advantage of a complete (from body to tip) tungsten nozzle.

We set high requirements to our products to ensure a high quality product!


Key to success:

Best thermal expansion coefficient to conductivity to material price ratio

No extreme tempering effect

One complete tungsten premium nozzle! Not just the nozzle tip!

Nozzle material is generally used for aerospace

Professional industry standard for your desktop 3D Printer

Extremely wear-resistant material

Doesn’t scratch glass beds as easy as diamond or sapphire nozzles

Recommended choice for carbon fibre filament

Our Best choice for the usage of nylon or polycarbonate

One of the Best nozzles for long print runs

All Parts is manufacturing in Singapore!


Strength of the Nozzle

i.) Hardness ß 8.5 (even carbon knife also can’t cut)

ii.) Common thread to E3D hotend ß In order to allow all user to continue using their normal hotend without complication)

iii.) Best thermal expansion in the market (It’s was common use for industry plastic use)

iv.) Reliable ( We don’t glue the nozzle or push in, all nozzle that we made are single piece)

v.) Prices (Currently Ruby nozzle is selling at range USD 120-140 but ours is selling at SGD 45.90 (we can do lower for quantity) )

vi.) Best of all ß not going to scratch your glass plate

VII.) Direct replacement for E3D style Hotends. (No Fan Duct modification necessary).

Please take notes the material we are using is Tungsten carbide not Tungsten alloy. Sorry for any previous misunderstanding, Place of manufacturer Singapore!

For all customer we offering free shipment for this series of nozzle only!


Dear Customer all our Tungsten nozzle is currently out of stock, Item will be back after 1st December 2018!

Come with 2 different size 0.4 & 0.6 / 1.75mm

Additional information


E3DV6 / 0.4, MK10 / 0.4, MK10 / 0.6

1 review for 2018 (New) Tungsten premium nozzle (0.4/0.6mm) E3D/MK10 M6 Thread

  1. danielkgore (verified owner)

    A beautifully machined product. Installed easily, and printed flawlessly from the start. There is no compromise with this nozzle – you get the thermal performance of a brass nozzle that’s harder than a steel nozzle and far cheaper and more durable than a ruby nozzle. This is an essential upgrade for anyone who wants to print with filaments with abrasive (GOTD, carbon fiber, etc) fill.

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