Visual Coding with Arduino for Non-Programmers



Module 1: Introduction to mBlock

  • Introduction to mBlock user interface
  • Introduction to block-based programming
  • Hands-on: Build a simple interactive program in mBlock
  • Module 2: Introduction to Arduino
    • What is Arduino
    • Understanding the Arduino board and pins
    • Setting up mBlock to work with Arduino
    • Writing to digital pins
    • Programming Concept: Loops
    • Hands-on: Basic blinking of on-board LED
    • Live coding vs uploaded code
    • Module 3: Connecting External Outputs
      • Components and Ohm’s Law
      • Hands-on: Blinking an external LED
      • Challenge: Blinking alternate LEDs
      • Programming Concept: Variables
      • Electronics Concept: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
      • Hands-on: Dimming LED
      • Hands-on: The piezoelectric buzzer
    • Module 4: Connecting External Inputs
      • Reading from digital pins
      • Programming Concept: If-statements and conditionals
      • Hands-on: Push button
      • Challenge: Push-button running lights
      • Reading from analog pins
      • Hands-on: Potentiometer dimmer
      • Challenge: Potentiometer controlled running lights
    • Module 5: Interacting with the World – Sensors and Servos
      • Introduction to servo
      • Challenge: Building a semicircular clock with a servo
      • Light sensor
      • Thermistor
      • Ultrasonic sensor


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