Voodoo Rainbow PLA 3D Filament (1.75)




What’s the different:

1.) VX is hand manual color change around 5-6 colors and faster color change
2.) Ex31 only have 3 colors in total machine change
3.) EX51 only have 5 colors in total machine change

1. Printing temperature: 190-210 degrees, the hot bed does not need to be heated, it uses pure PLA formula, which is the same as ordinary PLA printing parameters;

2. Add high-grade glitter powder and chameleon powder processed by a special process, and the surface has a shimmering texture;

3. The net weight is 1 kg, and the diameter is 1.75+/-0.05mm;

4. The angle changes color, and the powder particles are mix colors, visible to the light.

Additional information

Rainbow Type

VX, EX31, EX51, EPIC, Chassical bronze, Glow in the dark rainbow, Marble Rainbow


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