X Heating Block


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Product parameters:

Colors for option: Black Red and Blue

Dimensions: 16*16*12mm

Optional Purchase: silicone sock x 1


Note: Anodized metal surface color is only for aesthetics and the color will change after a period of usage.

The above mentioned is due to the evaporation of color dye on the metal surface during the high temperature heating (For example, a black frosted heating block will turn yellow when it is heated at a high temperature). This is not a manufacturing defect. Customer may consider getting frosted silver or natural color heating block where the color changes not so obvious.

Silicon sock is a optional purchase for this heater block. The sock served the following function

  1. Insulator for the print head. Reduces heat up time and maintain temperature stability during printing even with high airflow cooling
  2. Ensure printing nozzle clean and free of burnt debris (plastic).
  3. Made of a heat-resistant, non-stick silicone material that will repel build-up of molten plastic. It is particularly useful when comes to printing sticky materials like Co-Polyesters which tends build up on nozzles.

Stock be back on third week of May 2020

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Black, Blue, Red, Black with Silicon Sock, Blue with Silicon Sock, Red with Silicon Sock


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