面点师 男‼️ 

  •  要求:会刀削面,拉面,饼,饺子等
  • 税后920纽币,一周60小时
  • ​包吃住宿自理
  •  雇主可配合申请三年工签‼️ 

Pastry Chef Male‼ ️

  •  Requirements: sliced ​​noodles, ramen, cakes, dumplings, etc.
  • $920 after tax, 60 hours a week
  • ​Food and accommodation included
  •  Employers can cooperate to apply for a three-year work permit‼ ️

工厂管理人员 男‼️ 

  • 23纽币一小时,一周40小时
  • 包吃住宿自理
  • 雇主可配合申请三年工签‼️ 

Factory management staff male‼ ️

  • $23 an hour, 40 hours a week
  • Self-care with food and accommodation
  • Employers can cooperate to apply for a three-year work permit‼ ️

新西兰?? 挖机、卡车,钻机,外建木工,水泥工,水泥工,瓷砖,砌砖工之类的,有名额 20

  • 可以安排2个越南人,2个孟加拉人,其余的华人
  • 26.69纽币/小时,
  • 首次2年工签可续

New Zealand ?? Excavators, trucks, drilling rigs, external carpentry, cement workers, cement workers, ceramic tiles, bricklayers, etc., there are 20 places

  • Can arrange 2 Vietnamese, 2 Bangladeshi, and the rest Chinese
  • $26.69/hour,
  • Self-care with food and accommodation
  • The first 2-year work permit can be renewed

新西兰?? 急招汽车喷漆工1名,汽修一名‼️ 

  • 相关技术3年以上,态度好
  • 起薪:22.7—25纽币/小时,每周40—60小时以上,视技术水平加薪
  • 用6个月工签申请过去,转​三年工签

New Zealand ?? Urgently looking for 1 car painter and 1 car repairer‼ ️

Related technology more than 3 years, good attitude

  • Starting salary: NZ$22.7-25/hour, more than 40-60 hours per week, salary increase depending on technical level
  • Self-care with food and accommodation
  • Apply for a 6-month work permit and transfer to a three-year work permit

 新西兰?? 招聘有新加坡经验的瓷砖大工  ‼️ 名额多

  • 工作地点:奥克兰
  • 要求:技术好,速度快有团队精神,能挖孔、切割瓷砖 会墙面和地砖的铺设。
  • 工资:35纽币/小时税前,每周40—60小时,技术必须好,否则会被辞退‼️ 
  • 3年工作签证可续,可担保配偶工签

New Zealand ?? is looking for ceramic tile workers with experience in Singapore ‼ ️ Many places

  • Work Location: Auckland
  • Requirements: good technique, fast speed and team spirit, able to dig holes, cut tiles and lay wall and floor tiles.
  • Salary: 35 New Zealand dollars / hour before tax, 40-60 hours per week, the technology must be good, otherwise you will be fired‼ ️
  • Self-care with food and accommodation
  • The 3-year work visa can be renewed, and the spouse work visa can be guaranteed

奥克兰?? 汽车修理厂招汽车修理工一名‼️ 不要求语言

  • 工作时间40-50个小时每周,多劳多得
  • 25纽币/小时起薪,如果水平好,之后酌情涨工资。
  • 要求:40岁以下,会修各类轿车
  • 雇主可配合申请三年签证,担保配偶工签+18岁以下孩子免费就读政府小初高

Auckland ?? auto repair shop is looking for a car mechanic‼ ️ No language required

Working time 40-50 hours per week, pay more for more work

  • The starting salary is NZ$25/hour. If the level is good, the salary can be increased as appropriate.
  • Requirements: Under 40 years old, able to repair all kinds of cars
  • Employers can cooperate with the application for a three-year visa, guarantee the spouse’s work visa + children under the age of 18 can attend government primary schools and high schools for free
  • Self-care with food and accommodation

新西兰?? 保健品厂操作工10名‼️ 不需要社保或海外经验‼️ 

  • 要求:包装工或者药品分拣背景的工作经验(需要开个工作证明)
  • 薪水:起薪25纽币/小时,能接受夜班的男性,40岁以下
  • 首次两年工签可续
  • 人在海外可直接报名申请无需回国

New Zealand ?? 10 health care product factory operators‼ ️ No need for social security or overseas experience‼ ️

  • Requirements: Work experience in packers or drug sorting background (need to open a work certificate)
  • Salary: Starting salary is NZ$25/hour, male who can accept night shift, under 40 years old
  • Self-care with food and accommodation
  • The first two-year work permit can be renewed
  • People who are overseas can apply directly without returning home

? 新西兰?? 招聘大理石加工3名‼️ 无材料要求‼️ 

  • 要求:实际经验丰富、细心,熟悉操作相关机器设备,能独立工作
  • 用工具切割打磨3公分厚度人造石台下水盆洞【能提供此视频者优先考虑】 
  • 其他石材加工、台面制作视频
  • 起薪:26.69纽币/小时,每周40—50小时以上
  • 首次两年签证可续
  • 详细简历+工作视频即刻安排面试‼️ 

New Zealand ?? Recruiting 3 Marble Processors‼ ️ No material requirements‼ ️

Requirements: Practical experience, careful, familiar with the operation of related machinery and equipment, able to work independently

  • Use tools to cut and polish the 3 cm thick artificial stone under the basin hole [priority to those who can provide this video]
  • Other stone processing, countertop making videos
  • Starting salary: NZ$26.69/hour, more than 40-50 hours per week
  • First two-year visa renewable
  • Self-care with food and accommodation
  • Detailed resume + work video to arrange an interview immediately‼ ️



  1. 即时清洁服务



✅ 优势&适合的人群

  1. 6个月到期后可有机会转三年工签,或转澳洲等国家

2.未考虑好是否打算长期留在新西兰工作生活的 可办理此种签证过度,费用比工签少一半

  1. 手续简单,无任何材料要求,不需要体检,无犯罪公证,连签证费都省了/::D
  2. 办理周期短1~2周下签

需要这种签证的朋友们速度联系我们办理吧‼️ ‼️ ‼️

New Zealand ?? post-disaster reconstruction visa issued, visa: valid work visa for 6 months

Industries Included:

  1. Instant cleaning service
  2. Basic construction, building maintenance
  3. Provide road reconstruction construction, traffic drivers

✅ Advantages & Suitable Crowd

  1. After the expiration of 6 months, you can have the opportunity to transfer to a three-year work visa, or transfer to Australia and other countries
  2. Those who have not considered whether they plan to stay in New Zealand for a long time to work and live can apply for this kind of visa, and the cost is half of that of a work visa
  3. The procedures are simple, without any material requirements, no medical examination, no criminal notarization, and even visa fees are saved /::D
  4. The processing period is as short as 1-2 weeks for signing

Friends who need this kind of visa contact us quickly‼ ️ ‼ ️ ‼ ️

奥克兰?? 疗养院长期招聘护工数名,急缺-需要2年以上实际工作经验‼️ 必须英文交流,可接受缅甸,菲律宾等国籍。

  • 薪水:每周保底32小时
  • 时薪:26.16-28.25 纽币 
  • 工作内容: -帮助老年症患者进行日常活动 -轮班工作,包括夜班,周末 
  • 要求:-能看懂英文(工作系统,患者报告) -【英文能基本交流,洋人经理面试】

Nursing home in Auckland?? has been recruiting several nurses for a long time, and there is an urgent need – more than 2 years of actual work experience is required‼ ️Must communicate in English, Myanmar, Filipino and other nationalities are acceptable.

  • Salary: Guaranteed 32 hours a week
  • Hourly wage: 26.16-28.25 New Zealand dollars
  • Job Description: -Helping geriatric patients with daily activities -Working in shifts, including night shifts, weekends
  • Self-care with food and accommodation
  • Requirements: – Can understand English (work system, patient report) – [Basic communication in English, interview with foreign manager]

 奥克兰?? 高新招聘川菜厨师 5名

  • 要求正宗川菜的师傅,工资根据技术来定
  • 工资1000-1500纽币/周(税后),约人民币4500-6000/周左右
  • 必须川菜经验3年以上
  • 提供工作餐 住宿自理
  • 雇主可配合申请三年工签[Salute]可担保配偶工签+18岁以下孩子免费就读政府小初高

Auckland?? High-tech recruitment of 5 Sichuan chefs

The chef who requires authentic Sichuan cuisine, the salary is determined according to the skill

  • Salary 1000-1500 New Zealand dollars/week (after tax), about RMB 4500-6000/week
  • Must have more than 3 years of experience in Sichuan cuisine
  • Provide working meals and take care of your own accommodation
  • Employers can cooperate with the application for a three-year work permit [Salute] can guarantee a spouse work permit + children under the age of 18 can attend government elementary schools and high schools for free

奥克兰一家大型农业公司,招聘送货司机兼仓库助理 3 人‼️ 一年材料‼️ 


新加坡 4 号驾照,香港 2 号驾照,中国大陆 B2 或者 A2 驾照。



2、 会简单英语交流优先。

工作时间 : 每周 工作六天,实际每周工作 65-70 小时。


1、每小时 25 纽币(参考工资标准,视技能水平而定)


3、享受一年 4 周带薪休假和法定公休假期;

4、第一次 3 年新西兰工作签证;

5、合同到期可续,四月份之前可以担保配偶工签,子女 18 岁之前享受新西兰免费教育

A large agricultural company in Auckland is looking for 3 delivery drivers and warehouse assistants‼ ️ One year material‼ ️

Registration requirements: Under 40 years old, those with truck driving experience in Singapore or Hong Kong, China are preferred.

Singapore Class 4 driver’s license, Hong Kong Class 2 driver’s license, Mainland China B2 or A2 driver’s license.

Job Requirements:

  1. Responsible for the transportation of goods. When there is no cargo transportation task, the warehouse is responsible for the work of sorting and shipping the goods.
  2. Ability to communicate in simple English is preferred.

Working hours: six days a week, 65-70 hours per week.


  1. 25 New Zealand dollars per hour (refer to the salary standard, depending on the skill level)
  2. There is overtime pay for overtime work;
  3. Enjoy 4 weeks of paid vacation and statutory holidays a year;
  4. The first 3-year New Zealand work visa;
  5. The contract can be renewed when it expires. Spouse work visa can be guaranteed before April, and children can enjoy free education in New Zealand before the age of 18.

? 新西兰?? 奥克兰五星级招聘服务生,调酒师 ‼️ 名额充足‼️
✅ 要求:会英语,最好在五星极洒店干过。在一个充满活力、节奏快、容量大的场所担任酒保/调酒师的经验。
♥️ 调酒师:了解朗姆酒,鸡尾酒制作和饮料生产,烈酒,葡萄酒和啤酒,并知道什么是流行趋势。
♥️ 服务员:知道西餐 牛排的种类等
✅ 薪资:29.66纽币/小时
✅ 可以担保配偶工签+18岁以下子女免费就读政府小初高

? New Zealand ?? Auckland five-star recruitment waiter, bartender ‼ ️ Sufficient quota‼ ️
Nationality is not limited, male or female is not limited, do not have dark skin
✅ Requirements: Can speak English, it is best to work in a five-star Jisa store. Experience as a bartender/mixologist in a dynamic, fast-paced, high-volume venue.
♥️ Bartender: Learn about rum, cocktail making and beverage production, spirits, wine and beer and know what's trending.
♥️ Waiter: Know the types of western food, steak, etc.
✅ Salary: NZ$29.66/hour
Visa: three years
✅ Spouse work visa can be guaranteed + children under 18 years old can attend government primary school for free
Enjoy 20 days of paid vacation per year
Detailed personal Chinese and English resume + self-introduction Immediately arrange an interview

中国与越南人收费1万2千6百新元 (不包第3方费用)?2-3年工作签证


1.) 新西兰政府体检费

2.) 工作证申请费新元700

3.) 去新西兰飞机票

4.) 无犯罪证明

5.) 文件公证费,翻译费



出国工作签证:5800 新元

SGD 12,600 for any nationality (not including 3rd party fees) ?2-3year work visa

Pre-interview: S$1000

Pre-application: S$5800

Work Visa Out: S$5800

3rd Party Fees

1.) New Zealand government medical examination fee

2.) Work permit application fee SGD 700

3.) Air ticket to New Zealand

4.) Police Clearance Certificate

5.) Document notarization fee, translation fee



1.) 工作证申请费新元700 (1个月后退还)

2.) 去新西兰飞机票



出国工作签证:4250 新元

Six-month visa fee of SGD 9,500 (not including third-party fees)(recovery Visa)

3rd Party Fees

1.) Work Pass Application Fee S$700 (refundable after 1 month)

2.) Air Ticket to New Zealand